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Making a game that needs dice?


See our brand new AddIn that can produce realistic Dice throws, coin flips and random name choices WITHOUT vba or flash.

Its pretty hard to create a dice type function in Powerpoint and most solutions need vba. Maybe your vba skills are not up to this or vba is not suitable. Vba can create major problems if the user has high security settings and won't run at all if the viewer is used.

Here's a presentation that uses only normal Powerpoint animations but gives random "throws" of a spinner.

You're welcome to download and freely use the demo which is fully working but watermarked.



See also the newer site here to buy

Download Demo of Spinner




Using vba to create a random number. This is how to create random number within a given range

Number =Int ((highest number - (one less than lowest number) *rnd)+lowest

So for a range 10 to 20

Inum=Int (( 20-9) * rnd) +10 or Int (11*rnd)+10

To jump to a random slide between 10 and 20

Sub randjump
Inum = Int (11*rnd)+10
End Sub

Or to make random shapes visible or not substitute


(Change slide number as required)

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