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Technology Trish's "Animation Showcase"

Pushing PowerPoint animation to the limit, no vba, animated gifs or flash just imagination! It's big but it's worth it! The file isn't passworded or protected so if you open it in powerpoint (or right click and choose NEW) you should be able to take it apart and see how it was done. Some of the "tricks" may need a close look as there's some devious stuff!

If you're interested in the page turn animations and can't see how it was done we can sell you an Add In that will produce the page turn animation for you. Quick, easy and professional! See the Add in Page



Study Skills Pack

A very useful presentation looking at memory and revision skills. Essential if your students have exams imminent!

Note this is a watermarked demo version. If you would like a non watermarked copy please email us - It's only £15 /$30!!


Jigsaws in Powerpoint

If you've tried to do this you will know that the puzzle shapes in autoshapes > more autoshapes don't have any straight edges. This makes a convincincing jigsaw impossible. This is a set of 4, 9 or 16 pieces, including corners and straight edges. The free download is only a demo and you can't change the size or pictures. For only £10 /$20 you can unlock the demo and use it in any non commercial program with the picture or slide of your choice.The PowerPoint Alchemy Add In "JigSaw Maker2" from the same author does pretty much the same thing but easier, quicker and better!

Buy Here


Dice Throw

If you need a dice throw function but don't want to use vba - look here

True or False

A simple but clever template for producing your own "True of False" quiz



Tab Menus

If you want to add professional menu navigation to your PowerPoint presentations look no further! Here's a simpler version of the tabbed menus used in Technology Trish presentations.



click here to see how Perspector's 3D graphics can bring your presentation to life 


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