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 PowerPoint Jigsaws

The original Jigsaw Template below is still available and supported but it is a little difficult to use especially if you wish to adjust the size of the pieces.

We now recommend that you use the new PowerPoint Jigsaw Maker Add In from the same author which makes the job as simple as clicking!


This Add In will create 4, 9 or 16 pices jigsaws in a variety of styles at the click of a mouse.

Visit the main site here:

PowerPoint Jigsaw Maker

JigSaw maker 2 is only $29.99 and you can buy it with an instant download.

Free support and full instructions provided.

Read the review of Jigsaw Maker 2

Original Jigsaw Template

Lots of people have contacted us about jigsaw pieces to use in PowerPoint. There are some pieces in "more autoshapes" but there are no straight edges so a convincing jigsaw cannot be easily made.

We've decided to make some proper jigsaw pieces which fit together to make a 9 or 16 piece page.

You can download a demo here, you wont be able to change the pictures or resize in the demo but pay pal us just$19.99 US and you'll get an unlocked version! With the unlocked program you can use any picture or (image of a slide) and change the size of the puzzle and the animations. The pages can be easily incorporated into your own presentations. You may use the presentation for any non profit use as long as you credit "Technology Trish"

Pay securely online for instant passworded download (You will be emailed the password)


Click on the picture to download the demo. There's also a much more advanced demo here Powerpoint Jigsaws on Powerpoint Alchemy

Screen shot

From the same author

PowerPoint Quiz Maker

PowerPoint Page Turn Animation

If you like this product then you will love the new NaviSlides Add In. Change how you navigate around PowerPoint presentations for ever!



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