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PowerPoint Services

We can makeover your existing presentations to follow your corporate image, produce custom vba code or add ins, design presentations from scratch or simply solve problems.

We offer a fast service at reasonable cost and with service and support second to none

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Custom Addins and Macros

If you need to complete repetitive tasks then a macro may be the answer. If you have tried to use the macro recorder you may well have found the result disappointing. The problems that you are likely to meet include:

  • The code produced doesn't actually do what you need - the recorder in not very smart!
  • The code crashes if you don't exactly reproduce the actions when you recorded it, error trapping is non-existant!
  • The code works but you have to load it each time you need it.

We can produce custom written code to solve these problems at minimal cost. Recent examples include:

  • Adding a company standard border and shadow to all photos in a presentation
  • Inserting custom symbols at the cursor for a bridge teaching program
  • Changing the spellcheck language for all items including groups, diagrams etc to ANY language
  • Positioning photo album pictures in custom positions throughout the album
  • Changing ALL font colors to the company standard
  • One click mouseover "tooltip" text

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Satisfied clients include:

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SW Durham Mental Health Trust

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