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I want my music to keep playing while the show loops

You might imagine that once you have learned how to set the music to "stop playing after 999 slides" (see here if you don't know how!) then you could loop a slide show and the music would just keep right on playing.

Unfortunately you will find that each time the presentation starts over the music will stop and restart from the beginning. This is true whether you are playing an embedded file, a linked file, a sound added as a transition sound or a CD track.

The answer is to use the custom show feature:

  1. Create your presentation with automatic slide transitions
  2. Create a new slide and move it to slide one. This slide should not have an automatic transition.
  3. Create a "custom show" for all the slides EXCEPT the new first slide. (Slide Show > Custom Shows > New)
  4. On the new first slide insert your music and set it to stop playing after 999 slides. (or use play CD or transition sound)
  5. Insert an action button or shape onto slide 1 and in Slide show > Action settings create an "on click" hyperlink to the custom show. Be sure to tick "Show and return" (this is important!)
  6. In Slide Show > Set up show tick "Loop continuously until Esc"

Start the show and click the action button to start the custom show.

As long as there are no other sounds the music will continue playing when the presentation loops. I originally learned this technique from powerpoint magician Glenna Shaw see her site here




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